TLLT coverThe Long-Lost Troll, the long-awaited sequel to A Fine Basket of Fish, was released on November 1, 2017--Book 2 of the Betty Sterling Novels.

When Betty is sent to shut down a potions ring, he ends up traveling to the Troll homeland and comes face-to-gaping-maw with a dragon. And that's only the beginning! Join Betty, Lilahh, Jewels, Sam and others as they get to the bottom of a hostile takeover unlike any that has been tried before.

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"The Long-Lost Troll" keeps up with the quality of the first book and even for those skeptical of a great continuation of Betty Sterling's adventures.

--November 15, 2017 on Barnes and Noble.


"The story draws you in from the very first...

"The world blends the rich tapestries of places imagined by the likes of Tolkien and Rowling into a whole new dimension.

--November 13, 2017, on



"Betty meets the dragon," by illustrator Ashton Leigh Will. ©2017 Valutivity Press.